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Vincent Capcino transmissiovns has been servicing in Philadelphia for over 25 years

About Vince Capcino Transmission Repair Service

Transmission Repair Tacony 19135 Northeast Philadelphia Area

We have customers that keep coming back, because of the honesty and performance of Our workmanship.

We are simply in business to make our customers happy and save them money. We will not perform a service that we do not have to, if it’s the valve body that went bad we will only work on valve body, you will not be charged for a full service of the cost of rebuilding a transmission, also a clutch could go bad, and or a safety with on some vehicles will have to be reset that will make you think your transmission is bad, we do try to eliminate the thought of it being your transmission by first checking transmission fluid alot of times a customer will only need transmission fluid, and it makes me and our company happy when it’s just something as simple as filling up the transmission fluid reservoir, the smile on a customer’s face is priceless and its our goal to have each customer leave with that smile life is hard enough today than to worry about walking in a place and wondering if, you’re going to be misled. So at Vince Capcino transmissions you will not be misled we also perform free diagnostic testing at no charge and after checking every other possibility of it not being your transmission. We will bring the car in and put it on the lift and remove the transmission pan to check for medal and if that is the case we will show you before we perform any other service, our transmission rebuilds vary in pricing but we guarantee one year, and or 12,000 miles.

We do keep our prices as low as we can guaranteed. if you allow us to rebuild your transmission, by hand we remove every nut and bolt, we also clean every part of the transmission and replace each part that is taken out of the transmission, by hand it will be put back together and seals and o rings will be replace which are very intricate pieces that if not don’t right will cause your transmission to leak. That’s why we thrive to put every piece back exactly the way it was when it was brand new. In one of the photos you will see a picture of a before and after, before will be the insides of your transmission taken apart by hand, and then each piece is put back together by hand.

If you have any other questions you are free to call the office at any time, for any other questions we will be available Monday-Friday 800am -500pm thank you for you

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